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When choosing a solution to your gym’s needs, use The Platform.

Gym owners are the toughest and hardest-working entrepreneurs out there, but you can’t do it all alone. We work with box owners every day, and we know you want automation, website creation, marketing, and business coaching that works as hard as you do. Our comprehensive solution is The Platform.

The Platform contains what every affiliate needs.

Just like the core movements your members master to build into stronger, fitter athletes, The Platform provides the core services that every gym owner needs. Whether your box is new or old, struggling or crushing it, or just coasting by, you’re going to need automation and a website to keep you at the front of the pack.

You can stay with The Platform through every stage of your box’s progress.

The Platform is scaleable, so it can grow along with your box (and if you use The Platform correctly, your box will grow). Your industry-leading website is built to handle all your traffic and leads, and your automation can juggle an endless flow of new members.


  • Every box needs a digital home base, and The Platform has you covered. Whether you’ve got no website at all or you’re currently using something that works, The Platform upgrades your online presence, from posting the day’s WOD to creating a lead-gen platform for bringing in new members.
  • Plus, The Platform covers hosting, security, and upgrades so you don’t have to. If you want the sexiest, smartest, and most productive affiliate website in your region but don’t want to stress over it, The Platform is the way to go.


Not only are The Platform websites awesome to look at, they are lead conversion machines with over 125 hidden landing pages that are integrated into the 45+ different member experience email sequences included in the system. Your potential members and existing members only see what pertains them and appeals to their unique needs. Each person gets a unique experience that tells them, “wow, these guys really get me.” We also provide all of the content and copy for you. If your heart desires, you’d never have to write another line of copy again!

Beautifully Designed

First impressions are kind of a big deal. Don’t settle for a website that half-asses what your gym offers.

Optimized for local SEO

Our in-house SEO expert works with our copywriters to ensure that your website is found by the right people at the right time. Let us geek out on the SEO for you.

We write the copy and eBooks for you

All you do is fill out a few questionnaires and our copywriters are off and running writing every single line of copy that appears on your website. That includes all of the lead gen assets (eBooks), your coach’s bios, everything!


  • Managing your leads and members should be all about the relationship, but a gym owner only has so much time and brainpower. The Platform automation system is a custom built customer-relation management software for the needs of affiliates, their teams, and their members. From the website to the workout, The Platform gets more people in the door, makes them happier to be there, and keeps them around longer.
  • Keep track of every person who comes into your member lifecycle, and provide them value while growing your total membership. Top-tier automation also frees up time for the gym owner so you can focus on what you do best.


Since The Platform is an all-in-one system that takes people from their first conversion on your website all the way through to becoming a loyal member of your gym, you can now see all of your metrics in real-time updated on a super simple dashboard. Any action that needs a human touch (i.e. calling to verify someone is coming in for a free session) is queued up on the dashboard’s to-do list. All you need to do is log in once a day and mark tasks complete as you crush them in a fraction of the time you’re taking to handle admin now.

Always Know Your Metrics

Want to know how many paying members you currently have? Want to know how many leads are in your pipeline? Want to know how many members cancelled last month? Want to know which members have been referred this month? Check your dashboard; it’s all there and updated automatically.

Hire An Admin/Intern

We’ll train you how to use the dashboard in a single session. It’s that easy. This can finally be the year you get an intern or admin to take care of this for you. All of your admin to-do’s have been systematized, so you can trust that if your admin can follow simple directions, nothing will fall through the cracks again.


  • Competitive training starts with expert coaches. Gymwright’s team has worked with thousands of box owners over the course of the last 10 years, having built their own successful boxes from the ground up.
  • That experience carries over into the partnership between Gymwright and the gym owner, so we can meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.
  • The Platform was designed around helping a gym owner define who they are, who they want to serve, where they want to go, and then actually helping them get there.


Simple. The Platform is for the gym owner who wants to build a great business that not only meets their short-term goals, but their goals in life as well.

Here are just a few areas

The Platform strengthens


    Your website should provide value to every visitor in exchange for them becoming a lead. With The Platform, you’ll have the web design, free content, online forms, and CRM to attract and convert like a pro. Potential members are the lifeblood of any gym, and The Platform keeps them pumping.


    You should know where every lead is in their journey towards membership, whether it’s their first contact or they’re ready to buy. The Platform’s automated contact and customer management means you can follow through on every potential sale and nobody slips through the cracks. A stronger bottom line means paying yourself and your staff what you deserve.

Here’s what you get from

The Platform:


    Great coaching and a tight community helps retain members when they’re in the gym, but to stay competitive, you’ll need touch points outside the box. Follow up with member progress through The Platform’s automated email system to engage your regulars and win back those who’ve stopped showing up. Stop losing members and the investment that went into getting them!


    Truly great box owners are in it for the experience and the positive impact they create. By streamlining your gym systems with The Platform, you create a better world for your members to live in. The athletes are happier, your coaches are less stressed, and you’re able to live the life you set out to.



Watch this lightning-fast overview of what The Platform is and how it works.

Watch the video here


The Platform is a system we created to help box owners grow their businesses and get their lives back. It’s perfect for gym owners who are a one-man-show or have a full-time staff. It allows you to grow and run your training facility like a million dollar business for a fraction of the time and cost, so you can get back to spending your time and energy on what got you into this business in the first place – helping people change their lives through fitness.

Spend time on things That REALLY Matter

If you’re too busy with the day-to-day stresses of owning a gym, you’re probably not doing what you should be doing: bettering your community.

Grow your community The Right Way

Stop relying on an infrastructure that depends on your own energy and hustle to get more members.

Retain the awesome members you have

Are you doing everything you can to make your members’ experience as badass as possible? There’s probably a huge opportunity to improve.

Get your BUSINESS Together

Is a lack of processes, systems, and automation making you feel like you’re taking crazy pills? Let’s fix that.

Finally hit your Business And Personal Goals

Tired of not seeing the profit you know your gym is capable of making? Something BIG needs to change.

Stop wishing, Let's Do This

Don’t settle for the same-old, same-old. Automate some of the most important aspects of your business that you’ve been ignoring all these years.


There are key metrics that must be tracked to make important decisions affecting your gym. The Platform makes tracking these key metrics easier than ever. With assistance from us, you’ll provide 6 important numbers every month. From those 6 data points, we will create a visual representation of the state of your gym.

Once these data points are collected we will create clear, easy-to-understand reports designed to spot trends, aggregate data, and identify the true health of your gym from a financial standpoint.

Clear and easy visual reporting of your gym's health

Want to know how many members you gain or lose over a period of time? Want to know much it costs to acquire a new member? What about the lifetime value of a member or your total monthly revenue? The Platform will quickly and easily report the information you need to make decisions based on data instead of hunches.

Easily track key performance indicators

It can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming trying to figure out what performance indicators and metrics to track. With The Platform, tracking these key performance indicators will be simple and easy. All you have to do is keep your coach and the system updated with your current numbers and our system
will track their progress over time for you automatically.

Easily communicate with Gymwright

The platform is built with a proprietary communication system that connects you directly to our team. You will be able to keep your own call notes as you are on your calls.

Business vitals & member dashboard

Get a clear overview and snapshot of the state of your gym's financial health and manage your account directly through The Platform.

Visual performance markers & reporting

Easy-to-understand, visual representations of key performance markers for your gym.

Direct communication and messaging

Communicate and connect directly directly with Gymwright through The Platform.


  • Complete annual marketing strategy – includes content calendar for blogging, social media, and more, so you know exactly what to post, when to post it, and where.
  • Completely customized sales system – includes processes for creating step-by-step workflows, call and voicemail scripts, and sales training.
  • Custom onboarding strategy – whether bringing in groups or individual members, the onboarding strategy tells you how long it should take, what to charge, and what to teach.


To put it bluntly, the ROI (Return On Investment) for The Platform is huge. Look at it like this: Based on the industry average for gym membership at $150 per month, by signing up only 7 members for a 12-month membership, you will already have paid for the entire program for the first year. That’s 7 members x $150/month (average box membership cost) = $1,050 per month.

Signing up 6-7 members each month would yield you more than a 10x return on your investment. Now, imagine what your ROI would be after kicking off your new website, using an industry-leading CRM, designing a complete marketing strategy (both internal and external), optimizing your sales funnel top to bottom, dialing in your on-boarding protocol, creating a bulletproof retention strategy, designing a high-performing referral program, etc.

You’d probably add or keep more than just 6-7 members per month, don’t you think?

  • What other gym owners are saying about The Platform

    “It really sets us apart in a field where CrossFit gyms are continually popping up. So, it allows us to build relationships with our potential members before they even get to us. That’s been huge.”

  • What other gym owners are saying about The Platform

    “As soon as our new website launched, we started getting leads again. We had three new leads in the first week; I don’t think we had three leads in the six months before that. In our first 3 months, we converted 37 new members, and we’re still growing.”

  • What other gym owners are saying about The Platform

    “We’re going to hit our yearly goals by the end of the third quarter, and we’ll exceed those. And the goals were fairly lofty. We’re looking at more than 100% growth this year. And the great thing, in my mind, is that it’s been at a very manageable pace.”

  • What other gym owners are saying about The Platform

    “I’m here to tell you what a difference [The Platform] has made to our business in the last eight months. In that time period, we have grown by 67 new members, and our top-line revenue is up 31%… What [The Platform] has provided us is an enterprise-level solution for a small business.”



We’re offering a free discovery session for gym owners who are starting to feel the pressures of marketing, sales and managing their business to see if The Platform can take their box to the next level.