Gym owners, will your business survive or thrive? The selection has begun. Answer the calling to greatness. Commit yourself to the challenge and exist as the greatest gym in the community.


    If you’ve been meaning to get your gym business bikini-ready for summer, we’re here to help you do it. Today, we’re excited to announce the 5-Day Ultimate Member Lifecycle Marketing Challenge! We’re challenging all gym owners to commit to this free 5-day exercise which will leave you a more capable, skilled, far less confused, and far more stoked business owner ready to crush the summer season and the many seasons and years that follow.


    For 5 days, we will send you a video lesson which will guide you through the 7 phases of Member Experience (MX), which we call Member Lifecycle Marketing. Each video will also come with a bit of homework – and when you’ve conquered this challenge, you’ll have a cohesive, amplified, yet simplified approach to creating an awesome MX for your gym family.

  • Why Lifecycle Marketing?

    Member Lifecycle Marketing refers to “campaigns” that address your members’ needs and requirements as they evolve over time. Lifecycle marketing generates as much as nine times greater results than other types, yet the vast majority of gym owners (really nearly none) are taking advantage of this member-oriented strategy based on the idea of delivering the right message at the right time.

Lifecycle Marketing campaigns offer great rewards, which we have tested and witnessed first hand on boxes all over the country with varying geographical and sociological implications:

You can generate more recurring revenue from existing members (as compared to prospective customers):

  1. The revenue you generate comes at a much lower investment cost.
  2. The types of people you BRING into your gym are the kinds of people you WANT in your gym.
  3. The way you bring people into your gym and keep retention rates very high will be mostly automated, meaning you can relax
    more and live bigger.
  4. It’s a way more intuitive and evergreen approach to growing your gym. Plus, it’s fun.


Enter the challenge by filling out the form on this page. In doing so, you will immediately be sent your first video and homework assignment.




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